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Heart to Heart

Heartfelt notes, from one griever to another.

Heart To Heart: From One Griever to Another: Anger

Heart To Heart: From One Griever to Another: Anger

Do you feel mad about your grief? I’ve felt so mad. Mad that I’m in this space. That I’m navigating a “new normal” that I didn’t ask for. Angry that my person is gone, my world crumbled. I don’t always feel safe, I feel exposed and raw.
I hate the way they died, I hate how I found out, I hate the lack of goodbye in my story.

I feel lonely. Like no one can actually understand the enormity of my grief.

Heart To Heart: From One Griever to Another: Starting a New Year with Grief

Heart To Heart: From One Griever to Another: Starting a New Year with Grief

My name is John and I wanted to pass along some thoughts that I have had regarding starting a new year with grief. I have read a number of books on grief and several grief programs. All of these have been helpful in dealing with the grief I am experiencing. And I plan on becoming part of more face-to-face groups dealing with the emotions that surround the loss of a loved one. And, as you know, these emotions are many and varied, from anger to depression to sadness to disbelief to grief, etc.,

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Our stories are individual, but our experiences can be deeply connected. Knowing there is someone out there who understands what we are going through can be helpful and healing, creating connection to someone who was once a stranger.

Your grief story can help others on their journey of loss. HeartLight Center invites you to share what is on your heart so someone else may feel seen, understood, or less alone.

Even if you have never written before, send us a letter, poem, quote, short story, how you have coped, what you have learned, a book recommendation, or anything else that feels right or helpful to share.

Submissions can be 5-2400 words in length. Please complete the form to submit the writing you would like us to consider for an upcoming blog/newsletter contribution!

(If you have an expressive art piece that you would like to share such as a drawing, please contact us at info@heartlightcenter.org with the subject: Heart to Heart submission.)

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