Workshops for Grief Support

We welcome you to join us for upcoming seminars and workshops that explore various topics on the grief journey.

New Beginnings – 6 Week Program

with Les McCarroll

The days, weeks and months following the loss of a spouse or partner may be filled with many unexpected and challenging struggles.  Within the first year, these may seem impossible to cope with.  In this group you will be invited to partake in discussions and doable tasks to help create a sense of movement and purpose, including reflections and activities between sessions.

The 6 interactive meetings will deal with many of the difficult topics that arise during the first year after the loss of a spouse/partner.

Mourning as Medicine – 6 Week Program

Remembering who we are through Community, Connection, and Unconditional Love

 with Jodi Patsiner

In this six session program we will use Inquiry (The Work of Byron Katie), a form of mindfulness meditation, and breathwork to connect to our inner self and become aware of the thoughts that are keeping us from being present during our time of mourning. These thoughts can show up as regret, shame or guilt.
We will create a safe, vulnerable and supportive space to tell our stories and honor our grief.
All are welcome…whether you are moving through the loss of a person, a way of life we knew or thought we would have, a pet, job or home, etc.

Soul Centered Holistic Grief Healing 4-Week Workshop

with Ariela and Baruch HaLevi

When our loved one dies we suffer. Our suffering isn’t merely limited to one aspect of our life, but all aspects of our life. The suffering we feel and the grief we experience is holistic, impacting us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is why the healing process can not simply address one aspect of us and our life, but must also be a holistic healing response.

Soul Centered Holistic Grief Healing is a four part, experiential workshop providing anyone, at any time, after any loss, a holistic approach to healing.

During this program you will explore what it means to holistically heal, practical pathways to healing, and the comfort, support and guidance you need, not to move on from your loss and your grief, but to move forward in discovering your journey of healing and fully live your life.