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Facing the Mourning Materials

The Facing the Mourning Facilitator Manual will provide all the necessary instructions to enable you to facilitate the program including guidelines and examples. Participant manuals are workbooks for participants to use in class and at home.

Costs (contact HeartLight Center for volume discounting):

Facilitator Manual:

$65 + shipping

Participant Manual:

$30 + shipping

Combination Package:

$220 + shipping
($265 value) 1 Facilitator Manual & 10 Participant Manuals

Facing the Mourning
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First Steps Materials

The First Steps book is full of checklists, tips, and other resources that are helpful to a person dealing with a descendents financial matters. The book includes ample space for note taking and the creation of personalized action item lists. 

Costs (contact HeartLight Center for volume discounting):

First Steps
$30 + shipping

First Steps
PDF Download:

"I'm a "doer". Having something in my hands gives me a tangible connection to my grief, and the tasks I need to take care of me and my loved ones.”


HeartLight Center Printable Materialsfrom Past Presentations

Presentations by Ruby Jo Walker:

The Neurobiology of Grief & Loss for Professionals

Click here for a copy of the Slides

 Click here to listen to the Recording

The Neurobiology of Grief & Loss for the Community

Click here for a copy of the Slides 

Click here to listen to the Recording

*Thank you to Horan & McConaty for sponsoring “The Neurobiology of Grief and Loss” presented by Ruby Jo Walker, LCSW. We were grateful to all who attended.

Presentation by Baruch HaLevi:

Spark Seekers: Mourning with Meaning, Living with Light

Click here for a copy of the Slides

Click here to view the Recording


HeartLight Center Printable Handouts 

Stress and Self-Care Continuum PDF Guide

Not all stress is created equal, therefore how we take care of ourselves has to change depending on our stress level. Download the Stress and Self-Care Continuum to use as a guide for yourself, your family, or your organization.

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Holiday Care Plan

The Holidays can be tough when you are grieving, and thinking about what self-care might be helpful for you can help.  We invite you to use our Holiday Care Plan worksheet for thinking through what you need right now, and through this unique time of year.

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Grief and the Holidays Workshop Handouts

No matter what you celebrate, it’s important to know that you aren’t alone, and you can survive the holiday season in a way that allows you to be comfortable and to honor your grief and remember your loved one in ways that are helpful to you. If you missed our recent workshop about Grief and the Holidays, please feel free to review the handouts provided for helpful tips and information when grieving around the holiday season.

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