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Kerry Siggins female leadership development coach


New Beginnings

Get consistent, weekly support in this 6-week program
for individuals in the first year following the loss of a spouse or partner.

Created and Facilitated by: Les McCarroll

The days, weeks and months following the loss of a spouse or partner may be filled with many unexpected and challenging struggles.  Within the first year, these may seem impossible to cope with.  In this group you will be invited to partake in discussions and doable tasks to help create a sense of movement and purpose, including reflections and activities between sessions.

The 6 interactive meetings will deal with many of the difficult topics that arise during the first year after the loss of a spouse/partner.

Topics that may be included:
– The Past and the Present Create the Future
– Permission to Feel and to Express
– Quality of Life Choices
– Choose the Perception, Change the Feeling
– Three Columns of Action
– First Times and Anniversary Days
– Family, Friends and Neighbors
– Finding the Meaning
– Looking For, Searching For, Yearning for Hope

Cost: $40, includes all 6 sessions and materials


The June 2024 Group has already begun. Please Contact Us to be added to the list for the next offering.