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HeartLight Highlight

The HeartLight Highlight is our biannual magazine mailer. This publication serves as a valuable resource for those navigating grief as well as professionals; providing insightful articles, heart to heart letters, upcoming events, and a wealth of HeartLight’s programming. Stay connected and informed with the HeartLight Highlight sent straight to your doorstep twice a year. If you want to be added to the distribution list for the next edition, click here. Or simply click the edition you would like to read to access the digital version!

Community Resources

Woman in front of school conducting a Business Team Training

Supportive Resources for Professionals

dandelion blowing in the wind

Suicide Loss Support

Woman in front of school conducting a Business Team Training

Pet Loss Resources

Articles About Grief

The Roller Coaster Called Grief

Jared Yannacito – Coach Yano

The Grieving Brain: How Your Mind Deals with a Loved One's Death and How to Heal

Today Show

Tragedy often begets more tragedy. Denver’s coroner wants to break the cycle by offering families help.

Colorado Sun

Perspectives on Grief and Loss

Counseling Today

Losing my family caused a tsunami of grief, but also taught me how to live

The Guardian

My Love Died In My Arms. How Am I Supposed To Recover In Just 4 Days?


Now What? Now We Learn from the Geese

an article by Dr. Alan Wolfelt

A Healing Balm

an article by Dr. Alan Wolfelt

Healing Through the Grieving Process

by Sandra Hammond, Sunset Community Counseling