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Facing the Mourning

A 4-session interactive support group open to all types of losses.

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An interactive support group designed to help with the grieving process by using visual and thought-provoking tools. During these four sessions, the participants share their story, build memorials, compose letters, write in journals and develop goals with milestones. Designed for all types of losses, individuals and family members.

“Facing the Mourning went beyond book reading in helping me deal with my grief. It was a hands-on process of looking at my grief from so many different angles. It made me think, gave me something to do—it was a most helpful and unique experience.”


Facing the Mourning is a 4 week, curriculum based support group open to all types of losses.
Participants will receive a manual, prior to group, that details each week.
The 4-week group is lead by a facilitator, trained in Facing the Mourning curriculum.

Each week, participants are invited to try different hands-on ways to work within their grief.

Week One: Building Memorials

Learn how to honor your loved one by building memorials.

Week Two: Letter Writing

Write a letter to someone or something to share more about your loss, experiences and person.

Week Three: Journaling

Discover your style of journaling and how this can help you reflect on your experiences and progress through your grief journey.

Week Four: Goal Setting with Milestones

Learn how to set goals with milestones to help track progress toward a goal you set in exploring life moving forward while honoring your grief.

“Writing the letter to Chris brought out all the anger that I have build-up inside me. The exercise of writing the letter definitely took a load off my chest and to express myself among other widows.”


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Heartlight Center offers Facing the Mourning groups, for anyone who has experienced any type of death loss.

The cost is *$65 per participant and includes the Facing the Mourning participant manual.

For Professionals

Learn to become a Facing the Mourning group facilitator. Our facilitator training will enable you to offer this program through your organization. Cost includes a Facing the Mourning Facilitator Manual.

*This training is designed for individuals who already have some experience facilitating grief support groups.

The July 19th training is FULL. Please join us for the next training on September 20th!

Would you like to attend a Facing the Mourning group that is more specific to you or your type of loss? Please fill out this interest form to tell us more about what you’re looking for. If we get at least 3 requests for a specific type of group, we will schedule it to help meet that need.

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Let us know what type of specialized group you are interested in for a 4-week Facing the Mourning group. *Please note that we need at least 3 individuals to commit before we can schedule.

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Purchase Materials

The Facing the Mourning Facilitator Manual will provide all the necessary instructions to enable you to facilitate the program including guidelines and examples. Participant manuals are workbooks for participants to use in class and at home.

*For receipt of your manual(s), please expect 5-7 business days for delivery through USPS.

Facilitator Manual:
$65 + shipping

Participant Manual:
$30 + shipping

Combination Package: $220 + shipping
($265 value) 1 Facilitator Manual & 10 Participant Manuals

Combination Package with Training: $300 + shipping
($350 value) 1 Facilitator Manual & 10 Participant Manuals & a 2-hour Facing the Mourning Facilitator Training

Facing the Mourning Digital Marketing Materials: $20

“I wish I had taken this class two years earlier. It helped me to realize that most of the things I was feeling were normal for people trying to survive their grief, and it helped me find ways to work through some of my most difficult issues. I highly recommend Facing the Mourning to anyone who struggles with working through their bereavement whether it has been a few months or a few years.”