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Jenn Flaum, LCSW, MBA Executive Director

Welcome to HeartLight Center

My name is Jenn and on behalf of the Heartlight community, we are glad you are here. 

At HeartLight, we know your story is unique and the pain of grief can be intensely personal. 
That doesn’t mean you have to face it alone.

HeartLight Center is a non-profit that companions and educates people through their grief to find hope.  HeartLight offers virtual and in person grief support groups, workshops, seminars and resources for individuals and organizations. 

Facing the Mourning
4-Week Support Group

A 4-session interactive support group open to all types of losses. Part class, part support group, part personal discovery, Facing the Mourning will guide you through honoring, processing, and creating milestones through your grief.

Join a Monthly Grief Support Group

Heart Light Center kindly requests that you register for virtual groups prior to attendance.  Online registration will close
24-hours prior to group.  Please contact us at [email protected] with questions or for more information.

Loss of a Parent(s)
Support Group

An ongoing support group for those who have experienced the death of a parent(s). Meets the 1st Monday of the month at 6pm (PT)/7pm (MST)/8pm (CT)/9pm (EST).

Growing Through Grief

This ongoing support group is open to anyone who has experienced a death. We will spend time learning about the grief process and connecting with others. This can be a helpful group if you are newly bereaved and/or new to HeartLight, but is open to all at any point on your grief journey.

Meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at
6pm (PT)/7pm (MST)/8pm (CT)/9pm (EST), and on the and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3pm (PT)/4pm (MST)/5pm (CT)/6pm (EST).

Suicide Loss Grief Support

This ongoing support group is open to adults who have experienced a loss due to suicide.

Meets the second Thursday of the month 
6pm (PT)/7pm (MST) / 8pm (CT) / 9pm (MST)

Loss of Spouse/Partner
Support Group

An ongoing support and educational group for people who have experienced the death of a spouse, partner or significant other. If your loss is recent or years ago, you are welcome to spend an evening with others who are on a similar journey. Meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6pm (PT)/7pm (MST)/8pm (CT)/9pm (EST).

Starting in April 2023

Loss of a Child Support & Book Club

A peer support group for bereaved parents, grandparents, and caregivers who have experienced the death of a child at any age and for any reason. We will connect about different books and topics specific to loss of a child. You are invited whether you’ve read the book or not. At this first meeting, we will discuss which book we would like to start with, and we will meet in an open and ongoing manner on the 1st Thursday of the month at 4pm (PT) / 5pm (MST) / 6pm (CT) / 7pm (EST) on Zoom.


Grief Support Group

An ongoing group open to anyone who has experienced a death for individuals who speak Spanish as their primary language. Meets on the 2nd Tuesday monthly starting June 2022!

Upcoming Workshops

We welcome you to join us for upcoming workshops that explore various topics on the grief journey.

Self-Care After a Homicide Loss

Hybrid – Join us in-person at HeartLight Center or on Zoom

with Jessica and Maddie

The grief and loss we feel when someone we love dies can be overwhelming. The trauma and ongoing stressors associated with a violent death, such as murder, can make the grieving process even more difficult. Madison Lewis and Jessica Carpenter, counseling interns with the HeartLight Center, are offering a workshop with specialized support for families of victims who have experienced the death of a special person in their life due to homicide. We will discuss the impact this type of loss can have on your nervous system and offer resources for self-regulation, self-care techniques and activities that can help you with taking good and gentle care during your grief journey with this unique loss.

Friday, April 7th from 3-4:30pm (PT) / 4-5:30pm (MST) / 5-6:30pm (CT) / 6-7:30pm (EST)

Suggested Donation: $15.  Registration is required.

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SoulCentered Spring Sacred Grief Circle

Virtual on Zoom

with Ariela HaLevi

Imagine gathering together in a Circle with people that support you in your grief and allowing this experience to help you heal and reconnect to your own Sacred Center – that Spirit within your heart that knows the way through grief.
Imagine being able to tune into the voice of Spirit so that you may know Spirit as a friend, a guide, a protector along your grief journey. Grief is not something we “get over,” but a partner we spin with, honor at times, argue with at times, and lament with as the cycles of our lives unfold.
Through time-honored practices and traditions, ceremony and the lens of the natural world, we will encourage a newfound resilience that increases our desire to embrace our emerging selves, and experience the dance of soul and spirit that is our essence. Steeped in ritual and guided by Ariela’s channeling from the Divine Feminine and her Guides (alongside your own team of loving supporters), this Sacred Grief Circle is an intimate workshop gathering, meeting for a 90-minute session. Together you will follow the Seven Directions of the ancient Wisdom Wheel – a Native American map – as your guide to exploring the journey of grief.

Cost: $35

Registration is required.

*PLEASE NOTE: the date for this workshop has recently changed. We will now be meeting on Thursday May 4th at 6pm (MST)

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Educational Signature Series

2023 Presenter Lineup

Harold is a grief specialist, author, and Fellow in Thanatology. Harold has a background in the funeral industry. He speaks frequently to grievers, grief care providers and educators, including international presentations.

The Heroes You Never See:

Bringing Your Whole Self to Compassionate Care Settings

A virtual program for caregiving professionals.

There’s A Lot More to Grief than Stages

 A virtual program for anyone who has experienced a loss or is supporting a grieving loved one through loss.



Coming Tuesday, April 11th, 2023!

Dr. Tonya Cunningham is a visionary with over 30 years of professional experience in the funeral service/grief and loss industry. 

Coming August 22nd!

Dr. Jason Troyer has spent time in the field of psychology and counseling, teaching at universities, and working with funeral homes and cemeteries. 

Coming January 2024!

More details coming soon!

Grief Resources

Our professional support network can connect you to the resources that will meet your needs.