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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HeartLight Center?

HeartLight Center is a non profit that offers grief support and education in various group settings.

Where is HeartLight located?

HeartLight Center has a physical location in Denver, CO at 11150 E. Dartmouth Ave. Denver. (Click here for directions)

HeartLight programs are also available virtually so is able to provide programs to anyone, regardless of location. HeartLight uses Zoom for virtual programming.

Do you provide individual counseling?

We do not provide individual counseling or therapy. While our groups and events may be therapeutic in nature, we do not provide therapy services and are not a substitute for therapy services. If you are seeking individual grief support, please contact us to request a list of providers we know who specialize in grief and loss. We also encourage you to reach out to your insurance providers who may have a list of resources in-network.

How much does it cost?

We are a donation-based nonprofit so many of our programs do not have a fee. We have a suggested donation for group attendance. If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so when you register, through our donation page or provide a cash/check donation by mail or in person. Due to the price of materials, some programs do have a charge. If you are unable to afford a program, please contact us to discuss scholarship opportunities.

It doesn’t seem HeartLight has a group for me. What should I do?

We would love to talk to you about what you are looking for. To talk about your preferences you can call us at 720-748-9908 or email us at [email protected]. If we don’t have a group or program for you, we will work with you to find one.

Do I have to register for a group?

Registration for virtual programs, workshops and weekly groups is required in order to get you a link and information/materials to attend.

Registration for drop-in in-person groups is encouraged, but not required.

Online registrations for groups typically close at least 24-hours prior to a meeting.

Will what I share in group be kept private?

HeartLight does everything possible to ensure the privacy of individuals attending group(s). We do not share any contact information outside of HeartLight. We ask at each group that all attending individuals respect the privacy of other attendees. This is part of how we cultivate a safe space/environment for processing grief and loss.

Are groups religious?

We are not faith-based but are respectful of all religions/spiritual orientations that are presented by attendees, and we set boundaries with attendees that collectively we are not here to push any agendas or impose beliefs on one-another, including as “advice giving”.

What is a group like?

HeartLight provides open, peer support groups guided by a trained facilitator. Usually groups start with a check-in where everyone shares a little bit of their story, and then conversation blooms from there. Groups are drop-in, which means the people who come to group may be different each time. After you come to group once or twice you will likely start to recognize people you know. Drop-in support groups do not have set curriculum or topics, so whoever is there is able to share what they would like to talk about and learn from others.

What’s the difference between Facing the Mourning and a support group?

There are two types of groups, open and closed groups. An open-group support group means anyone can join at anytime. There is not a curriculum or set agenda, the group is different each time. HeartLight open support groups usually meet monthly.
Facing the Mourning is a closed support group, which means it is the same people each time. Facing the Mourning has a curriculum for each week and meets four weeks in a row.

Am I ready for a support group?

Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers to this question. At HeartLight, we believe only you can know if a group setting is right for you. You can call us to talk it through and ask questions. You are also welcome to join a group, at anytime. If it didn’t feel right, please call us so we can make sure we find you the right support.

I came to a group and wasn’t sure. Should I come back?

Whenever you try something new or unfamiliar it can take time to get used to it. Remember, every group has different people and each facilitator has their own approach. We encourage you to try different groups and facilitators until you find the right fit for you and we are happy to talk to you about what facilitator, group or program may feel best.

Is there a specific timeline/limit for how long I can access HeartLight programs?

We welcome you to attend as many programs as are helpful to you, whether the death occurred recently or years ago. For some it means coming just once, for others it means attending multiple programs for several months or years. Everyone will experience grief in different ways, meaning the support you need is also different. If you need help determining what groups or programs may be helpful for you, please contact us.


“I wasn't sure about coming, but I'm so glad that I did. There's something about this space that is warm, inviting and special!"