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Kerry Siggins female leadership development coach


Grief Support for Young Adults

Individuals who are in their late teens and twenties sometimes need support specifically within their age group. Here are some resources we know that may be helpful.

The Dinner Party – for individuals ages 21-45, join a “table” to connect virtually with others in your age coping with grief. https://connect.thedinnerparty.org/all-experiences

Healthy Self/Healthy Life –  Emerging Adults Group provides grief support for individuals age 25-35 https://www.healthyselfhealthylife.com/group-programs

Judi’s House – www.judishouse.org
Program for grieving children and their families, including individuals up to age 25.

Camp Erin® Denver is a free bereavement camp for youth who are grieving the death of a significant person in their lives.  They support individuals up to age 17.  More information about the upcoming camp programs in Colorado are available on the Shimmering Wings website: shimmeringwings.org.

small child holding a heart, he is sad due to loss of parent