Facing the Mourning

Facing the Mourning is an interactive support group for friends and family members addressing all types of death and length of grieving. The group is designed to help with the grieving process by using visual and thought provoking tools and examples. The attendees have weekly assignments to support the concepts introduced in each sessions. Each attendee receives a Facing the Mourning Participant Manual.

Week 1: Keeping Your Memories Alive—Learn how to honor your loved one by building memorials. The group discusses memorial ideas, share memorials that have been created and develops new ideas through group interaction

Week 2: Letter Writing—Each attendee writes at least one letter to the person of their choice; addressing a loved one, a family member to share more about the person that’s been lost, a religious figure, the medical staff or whomever else.

Week 3: Journaling Your Thoughts—Learn how to journal thoughts to show progress through the grief journey and to capture thoughts and emotions.

Week 4: Working Toward the Future—Learn how to set goals with milestones to help track progress towards the defined goal.

Cost: $60 (includes participant manual).

RSVP: 720.748.9908 or info@heartlightcenter.org

Facing the Mourning is also available for you to offer by your organization.  This includes a package to start the program in your community.  We highly recommend that the leader takes our facilitator training.  Call Emily Johnson for more information.

Facing the Mourning manuals are available for purchase.  Click here for more information.