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Grief support during the Holidays



Resources and tools for help during the holidays.



Holiday Care Plan

The Holidays can be tough when you are grieving, and thinking about what self-care might be helpful for you can help.  We invite you to use our Holiday Care Plan worksheet for thinking through what you need right now, and through this unique time of year.

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Grief and the Holidays Workshop Handouts

No matter what you celebrate, it’s important to know that you aren’t alone, and you can survive the holiday season in a way that allows you to be comfortable and to honor your grief and remember your loved one in ways that are helpful to you. If you missed our recent workshop about Grief and the Holidays, please feel free to review the handouts provided for helpful tips and information when grieving around the holiday season.

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Acknowledging the Potential of Holiday Blues :Practical Tips to Survive and Thrive 
Video from Dr. Wolfelt at the Center for Loss & Life Transition
This video with Dr. Alan Wolfelt provides some practical counsel to assist you in maintaining mental health wellness during the holidays. While the holidays can result in joy, they can also result in conflicts within your family, illustrate differences between generations, and sometimes between spouses and significant others. Dr. Wolfelt will provide you with some practical tips to not only survive any potential holidays blues, but also outline some ways you can potentially thrive.