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Dr. Jason Troyer

Program for the Community:

Transforming Grief: Finding Hope When our World is Shattered

A program for anyone who has experienced a loss or is supporting a griever

 After the loss of a loved one, the bereaved face the difficult question: What do I do now? In this presentation, Dr. Jason Troyer will share a process for creating our own personalized, transformative grief journey. Together, we will discuss why “healing” is a tricky grief concept and how to set realistic goals. Most importantly, we will explore active steps we can take to create meaningful transformation after loss.


Wednesday, October 18th, 2023


Horan & McConaty Parker Road Chapel


About the Presenter:

Dr. Jason Troyer


Dr. Jason Troyer has spent time in the field of psychology and counseling, teaching at universities, and working with funeral homes and cemeteries. 

“My goal is to help as many grieving people as possible heal, remember, and rebuild after loss. I have worked as a therapist/counselor in a variety of settings and was a psychology professor for 14 years (and an Assistant Dean of Academics for a while). I have completed research (including my dissertation) on grief and loss as well as written a book for mental health professionals on how to work with widowers.”

More information about Dr. Troyer and his work can be found on his website here: https://www.griefplan.com/