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Corn Mothers – Honoring Jennifer McBride

Oct 24, 2022

On Friday, October 21, 2022 HeartLight Co-Founder, Jennifer McBride was recognized as a  Corn Mother: Inspiring Woman of the Southwest at the Colorado History Museum.

What is a Corn Mother:

From Taos, New Mexico to the Hopi mesas of Arizona, the oral traditions of story continue to shape the living culture of the Pueblo peoples. Historically, one central figure in these traditions has been the Corn Mother, the giver of life. This legendary entity is important to the Pueblo cultures, as she is synonymous with Mother Earth and represents growth, life, creativity and the feminine aspects of the world. Pueblo communities continue to preserve their knowledge of the Corn Mother. Some legends say that she will return one day to bring harmony and enlightenment.

The collection of portraits and stories at the CO History Museum is about today’s Corn Mothers. They are women who live, study, and work in the Southwest: Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and northern Texas. They all share an ability to pull from the past all that is sacred and holy, and to create a future that is filled with promise.

Jennifer’s photo and story are displayed on the 4th floor of the Colorado History Museum and represent her story of her time at Horan & McConaty Funeral Home and HeartLight Center.