Attendee Terms and Conditions


If you have registered to attend the group but have a conflict arise that will make you unable to attend, please notify us at or 720.748.9908 as soon as possible so that the space can be opened to another person.

  1. Support groups and programming through Heartlight Center, Inc are not a substitute for individual counseling or therapy.  
  2. Heartlight Center, Inc. is committed to the safety and well-being of all of our participants.  If a facilitator is concerned for your safety, a report will be made according to state mandatory reporting guidelines.  If you are experiencing a crisis: National Suicide Hotline 800-273-8255
  3. A tax-deductible donation to HeartLight Center, Inc. is encouraged for attendance to support groups and can be made at 

For Virtual Groups:


  1. Download the app on your smartphone, tablet or computer prior to meeting to ensure that you are ready for the group. You can also access through a browser (without needing to download).  We will be signed in 15 minutes before group begins to help anyone troubleshoot technical issues so we can all be ready to start on time.
  2. Please click on “Gallery view” so we can all see each other.  We will ask you to turn your camera on (preferred) and please notify the facilitator if you do not have access to a camera prior to group.  Please mute your microphone when you are not talking to avoid background noises.
  3. These groups will never be recorded to protect privacy.  Find a space that is private where no one else can see or hear what is being shared during the meeting. Get comfortable and settle into your space to be able to feel present with the group.
  4. Please avoid distractions during the meeting (such as “side-work” or eating – drinking water is okay).  Please avoid moving around as this can be visually disruptive.  We encourage all attendees to be intentional, respectful and actively listening to one another during the group meeting.
  5. Please do not consume alcohol or other substances while the group is meeting.

          For Professional Education and Support Groups: 

          1. Please respect HIPAA laws and do not disclose any identifying patient information during group