Free Public Program – Some Bonds Cannot Be Broken: Fostering Continued Connections with Loved Ones Who’ve Died


Tuesday, October 27, 2020 ZOOM | Free


Program start times: 5:00pm—Mountain 6:00pm—Central 7:00pm—Eastern

Program will last approximately 1.5 hours

Many people don’t realize; we don’t leave our deceased loved ones behind when they die. Rather, we carry them with us throughout our lives.

Holding onto items, daily habits, private rituals, conversations with your loved one, visiting places where you feel close to them, thinking about them—these are all ways people stay connected to people who have died.

Although establishing these connections seems like a very natural tendency for grieving people, it wasn’t until the early 90’s that a grief theory called Continuing Bonds put a name to it.


In this session, we’ll:
  • Provide an overview of continuing bonds theory and explain how it normalizes behaviors some may have historically viewed as unhealthy
  • Encourage participants to reflect on the role continuing bonds plays in their grief and grief healing.
  • Introduce creative and practical tools for fostering a continued bond with deceased loved ones.

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Eleanor Haley, MS and Litsa Williams, MA, LCSW-C co-founders of the popular online grief support community “What’s Your Grief”