“A month after my husband died, I was searching for a grief support group and found the HeartLight Center.  My call for help was answered immediately.  With that first phone conversation, Jennifer McBride spoke to me with such compassion, caring and gentleness, I knew I found my lifeline: the place, the people who would help me through the unknown passageway of grief.

At the HeartLight Center you will find a safe place for support and understanding where you can just “be” without judgment from anyone.  A friendly welcome awaits everyone who takes that scary first step to come to a support group.  What a relief to connect with others who know what you are going through, to learn from each other, and to be given information and tools that enable a person to live life again in a new and meaningful way.

The HeartLight Center is an invaluable resource when dealing with any type of loss; there is none like it in our community.  I support the HeartLight Center in order to pass on the blessing I have received, knowing how much it means to have a safe, caring community you can count on during a time of significant need.”

“Facing the Mourning was the perfect name for the group sessions that I attended. Through effective instruction including specific assignments, I was challenged to face the overwhelming emotions that resulted from the loss of my precious wife. A very meaningful part of my experience was the compassion and support provided by other group members that had experienced similar losses. Overall, the instruction and support gave me hope that I could get through my personal despair.”

“I wish I had taken this class two years earlier. It helped me to realize that most of the things I was feeling were normal for people trying to survive their grief, and it helped me find ways to work through some of my most difficult issues. I felt that I had great support from the facilitator as well as the other people taking the class. I would highly recommend Facing the Mourning to anyone who struggles with working through their bereavement whether it has been a few months, or a few years, as it did help me.”

“At first I was debating what letter to write to my husband; one of love, missing him or anger. I thought about it and thought about it and so the strongest feeling that came out was the anger. Writing the letter to Chris brought out all the anger that I have build-up inside me. The exercise of writing the letter definitely took a load off my chest and to express myself among other widows.”

“Facing the Mourning went beyond book reading in helping me deal with my grief. It was a hands-on process of looking at my grief from so many different angles. It made me think, gave me something to do – it was a most helpful and unique experience.”

“I attended the “Face the Mourning” class just a few months after my wife’s sudden, unexpected passing. I was a lost soul, feeling adrift at sea and not knowing where to go and what to do. I had so many unknown thoughts coming at me, it was quite frightening. I thought the class was “out of the box” for me, I wanted to attend it. I found it to be very difficult at times. I also found it to be incredibly important and special to me. The things I learned helped get me through that horrible storm. Some of the things I did in the class became Christmas presents for my family, things we’ll cherish forever I have three (so far) memorials planned for my wife this year, thanks to the class I would highly recommend the “Face the Mourning” class to anyone trying to cope with the loss of a special loved one.”