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Returning Love to Ourselves

A one-day self-care retreat for professionals in the grief field.
Grief Networking Alliance of Denver, Colorado

The mission of the Grief Networking Alliance is to establish a network of lay and professional service providers who share information and resources with individuals, families and communities living with grief.

Friday, October 7th


at HeartLight Center

Join us and other grief professionals for a day of self-care.

The last two years have been filled with grief, loss and life transitions, and it has taken a toll on those who are helping hold this unique space for others. Self-care has become both vital and a back-burner set of tasks. Compassion fatigue and burnout are common occurrences when supporting bereaved individuals, and we want to ensure that all of our amazing community of bereavement professionals are also remembering to return love to themselves.

Lunch provided! Generously hosted by Horan & McConaty

Donations to contributing practitioners are welcome!
Please bring with you a yoga mat and/or towel.





Opening Program:

Intuitive sound artist, Ann Martin, will set the tone for the retreat with an opening meditative concert with quartz crystal and Himalayan singing bowls. Therapeutic sound healing can help people find deep relaxation and inner stillness through the power of sound and vibration. Experience first-hand how to stop the mind chatter and bring the brain and body to a place of uncommon peace. Self-care with singing bowls is a popular wellness practice that brings centering, awakening, and blissful balance to your world!

Gretchen Norman – color/shape exercise; in this open-ended exercise, each person has the opportunity to address current emotions, identity and individuality.

Gina Mead Judi’s House – certified yoga and mindfulness 

Diane Thomas – reiki practitioner

Christie Sears Thompson – EFT practitioner

Susan Splitt – stretching and relaxation

Dan Curran HTP Healing Touch and Reiki

Cera Marquez- healing crystals

Sara Greenlee – Massage Therapisst

Susan Horecki and Denver Pet Partners

Veronica Wiley –  Ecotherapy Facilitator

Lisa Martinez  – grief/trauma and yoga

Michele Steffens – teaching how to do pressure points, hand massage, face and neck massage on oneself

Cierra McNamara – guided meditation on gratitude and self-compassion

Jessie Rodriguez – how to use essential oils 

Self-guided writing activity in the garden

Closing Program:

Closing: Tia Amdurer, LPC, “Rock and Roll: Creative rituals for healing and release”