Answering the Call: Equity in Grief, Considerations & Approaches to Inclusive Grief Support with Alesia Alexander

A virtual program for caregiving professionals.

The pandemic has created a new and dynamic opportunity for Clinicians to engage their communities and clients in an unprecedented, deeper way. Statistics are telling us that Black and Brown communities are disproportionately affected by the pandemic. It is believed that an additional 4.5 million people are grieving the loss of a loved one due to COVID. These losses, as well as experiencing increasing levels of trauma and unresolved grief as a result of social unrest, impact quality of life factors that the pandemic has exposed and are the makings for a mental health crisis.

The grief experience of BIPOC and Queer communities was already a practical and clinical challenge to engage and support prior to the pandemic. The mental health of our nation is at stake. Clinicians that have a deeper understanding of grief, loss, trauma and tools to address the systemic impact of these losses in their communities and organizations will be poised to engage more comprehensive and holistic approaches to technique, professional development, and personal self-care strategies.

This forum addresses the unique grief experience of communities of difference and is a much needed resource for Clinicians from all races, identities and backgrounds. This fun (yes, fun!) and experiential digital session will offer a new lens to view work with underserved populations. Content to include activities, focus on cultivating peer support, inclusive and resonant facilitation, skill building and family based-, group and individual processing considerations.

Objectives: At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

1.  Increase basic understanding of the complex nature of the grief experience of difference
2. Recognize the importance of a culturally, and equity-based approach and practice, and grief aware environments as a factor in individual, family and group grief support planning and intervention.
3. Identify at least three personal barriers that are a challenge when working with grief and populations of difference.
4. Develop a peer support, self-care, and community engagement plan that is relevant, reflective, and responsive to the needs of this population, and in support of personal and professional development.

Tuesday September 27th, 2022
8:00am Pacific / 9:00am Mountain / 10:00am Central / 11:00am Eastern 

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